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TheraO3 - Bubbler Dental Accessory Bundle (2 Dental Tips, Insufflator, Hydration Cup, O3 Collect Bag)

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In stock

The Bubbler offers many features and applications to Bring O3 - Ozone or extra oxygen into our bodies. 

Oxygen Therapy has been used for decades to support immune function, fight off the negative effects of microbial attacks, like viruses and foreign bacterias and combat oxidative stress.

This unique device can be used to sanitize all of your food sources by simply bubbling the low Gama O3 into your kitchen sink filled with tap water. Within minutes your tap water transforms into a sanitation station and can sterilize and disinfect all forms of unhealthy foreign bacterias, viruses, parasites the like.

The Bubbler also lets you bubble O3 into your bathwater, it’s the easiest way to upload more Oxygen directly into your bloodstream, lower Oxidative stress and stacking the bubbler and magnesium salts in the water will reduce stress, improve circulation and give you a better night sleep.

With a few easy to apply accessories, you can transform The Bubbler into an oral hygiene device to help combat periodontal challenges or bubble O3 to ozone olive oil or drinking water. You can fill a dispensing bag and use the insufflating apparatus to introduce low Gama Ozone into your body.

Therasage added the TheraO3 - Bubbler to our line of Oxygen enhancing technology because it offers the end-user many more options at an affordable price. All in all, TheraO3 - Bubbler is a great addition to our oxygen enhancing technology.